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Who am I?

I am a graphic designer and illustrator with more than twelve years' experience, including a graphic design degree and a Masters in Illustration.

Worked for an agency providing art-work and brand imagery to high-profile firms, including national newspapers and magazines in the UK (The Independent, Belfast Telegraph, House Beautiful, Country Living) and abroad (Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Columbus Dispatch).

Then as the in house graphic designer for a leading conference and exhibition organiser, Step Ex - responsible for above and below-the-line campaigns for more than 16 firms and still maintain a working relationship as a freelancer.

I freelance for a company based in Wells called Telperion Group where I help create catchy graphics and documents for their bids.

What can I do?

Design can be applied to anything and everything. I can provide: adverts, brand designs, banners, business cards, brochures, corporate stationery, flyers, invitations, lanyards, leaflets, logos, newsletters, postcards, small company websites and bespoke hand-drawn illustrations.

Why hire me?

I am a conscientious, creative and reliable designer who always delivers on time and to budget. I can design what you want and, more importantly, exactly how you want it. I'll listen carefully to your design brief and work closely with you to get the best possible result.